Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bye, first hyena!

Yesterday, November 24, I had my first sale. And today I bade adieu to one of my favorite hyenas:

It was an extra-rush order for someone whose birthday was today, so getting the card ready in a few hours was a challenge. Writing it made me realize that, by golly, I have fallen disgracefully out of practice in composing wads of informative text. Fortunately, after a hot wings and video art break, I managed to mold it into something coherent.

I then drew til way after midnight. I enjoyed the heck out of that. I don't draw very often these days, and getting back into it was exhilarating. I ended up pretty pleased with the results, and not just because I was half-delirious from sleep deprivation.

Bye, little yeener!

Ah, and today, I had a second sale already! I am beginning to suspect I should maybe be preparing these things in advance. But that would be too simple.


  1. I just found your journal. I was the one who bought the laughing hyena from you for my birthday. I love him so much, he lives above the TV in my bedroom. I really love the card you did for me too, that's on display in the living room. :)

  2. Yay, hi! :D

    I'm so glad to hear it! It's a shame I didn't give the laughing hyena a goodbye post - I was out of town visiting the in-laws for the weekend when I made the card and sent the package, and didn't take a camera with me (dumb!). But even if I didn't get to document it, I'm happy to know it is loved. :3