Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An interlude of a wildly different sort

I am working on several things, that will probably be finished in the following order:

  1. Tiger quoll
  2. Flying pig
  3. Mouse
  4. African Wild Dog
  5. Ground Squirrel
  6. Sparrow
  7. Portrait
But for the past two days, I've been working on a completely different thing. It is a birthday present for my husband, who will be 27 on Saturday, yaaaay Stevan!

I was also making him a sweater on the Ultimate Sweater Machine but the yarn I'm using is too thick and it keeps getting stuck and it resulted in this:



  1. AWESOME. I love that game. I want to make a PT plush too! :)

    And the ultimate sweater machine is a beast. D: I've never been bloodied by mine but it does bite, lol.

  2. No kidding, that thing thirsts for blood. Although I do have to admit that the fault is mostly mine for being so stubborn about the super thick yarn. But still! It gets stuck for no reason! None!