Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bye, painted dog! Have a good time down under!

The painted dog was finished this very morning, and sent to Australia immediately after. The post office guy tells me it will be there in 6-10 days, which assuages my fear that it wouldn't get there before the 20th, to be auctioned by Painted Dog Conservation on the 23rd. (go there, it's in Perth, do it)


Lots more pictures under the cut:

Demonstrating posability


  1. JEEZ lety, you are outdoing yourself every time... i wish I could buy this guy!

  2. random curiosity because I haven't been able to master it - are the indentations between his toes just poked in? Or did you use needle and thread? I'm guessing the former but juuuuust in case...

  3. They are poked in, because I am not good with thread. XD

  4. Oh man, Joo!!!

    I've just remembered to actually go LOOK AT THIS since my internet got better, and holy cow! It's spectacular. I... I wish I had the means to get myself to Perth because I would bid on him so hard.

    I'm sure the folks at PDC will be THRILLED when they see it!!!

  5. Hi Lety
    We just want to say a big, big thank you for sending your fantastic painted dog all the way to Australia. We were at the auction on Friday night and Denise decided he had to make his new home at our place. There are a few battered and bruised opposing bidders who were deceived by Denise's outwardly placid demeanor, but once she saw him, her competetive spirit took over, and I knew the others didn't really stand a chance. Fortunately for us, the other bidders finally saw that steely glint in Denise's eyes, and so he didn't go for a million dollars.
    He's now getting much love and attention in our home, although we're careful not to make our 2 Beagles jealous of him. If you're ever in Western Australia, please call in to give him a hug.

    Thanks so much

    Neil & Denise

  6. Oh my goodness, thanks so much Neil & Denise! You are so sweet! I'm glad you were victorious in the snagging of that dog. It always makes me really happy to hear that a cretur is being loved somewhere, especially for a cause such as this one. Yay painted dogs!

    I really appreciate you tracking me down to tell me this. And if you ever find yourself in Texas, I will buy you both a beer, or a smoothie, or some coffee.