Thursday, July 15, 2010

Starting up starting over

Hi everyone! Hi. Hey.

I'm really sorry for the sudden disappearance. Those of you that follow me on Twitter may have had a better idea of what happened, but it was still not the full story. I moved, but that wasn't all. I also had to put the store on hiatus, legally, because the visa I was under expired on May 31st, so I couldn't work until I got my greencard. I fully expected that to take until September at least, but I was very pleasantly surprised with the San Antonio INS crowd... I got it half a month ago!

So I should have like three new creturs already, right? Well... right, I should, but, see, things happened. Dogs happened. One dog happened in from the street, a sweet, mild 5-year-old pit mix. Then as we were walking that one, another dog happened. A little 8-week old puppy, possibly a lab-terrier mix, followed us home. We were powerless to prevent these dogs from happening to us. And those of you who have had puppies know what an amazing time-sucking ability puppies have.

The other problem there was that the dogs lived in the area that we had previously designated to be my studio. All over it. You see, that area has a concrete floor off of which the inevitable puppy mess is a lot easier to clean. But this made working in the (destruction-prone, poop-smelly) studio very unappetizing, so that took up some more time while we futilely tried to teach the puppy not to poop all over the place, not to destroy everything within reach, and other normal puppylike activities. So my husband and I made a rolling gate and divided the studio to give the dogs roughly a third of it to hang out in while we are at work, and I finally got to have a real studio. Yay!

1. Cretur boxes
2. Dog fence
3. Wool chest
4. Filing cabinet full of mostly yarn and works in progress
5. Wool-soaking tubs
6. Desk, and the blindingly bright outdoors

So there, I am starting up again at last. ONWARD

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