Monday, August 23, 2010

Mexican free-tailed bat. Yes, again! And goodbye to it!

Like the second hoatzin, this Bat II was commissioned and thus was fated to fly away as soon as the final needle stab fell upon its fuzzy abdomen.  Like the first hoatzin, I still had the first bat, because its owner has not yet picked it up.

Also like the second hoatzin, I improved upon the second bat a little:

More pictures under the fold.


  1. I like the purple looking wings. This is a very interesting blog thing!

  2. Thank you!
    The purple shade may just be an artifact of the lighting, though; they are in fact just dark brown.

  3. This MFT is DEFINITELY more realistic than the other!!!! It's a very NICE likeness! Do you often make bats for sale?

    1. Yes, pretty often :) Although they don't look like this anymore, I make the ears out of polymer clay nowadays.