Monday, December 6, 2010

Cretur Fetur's first invertebrate

Well, it was about time! After a million mammals and a couple of birds and amphibians, I've finally stepped into the world of arthropods. My inaugural invertebrate is a male Forficula auricularia, an earwig.

Fig. 1: F. auricularia
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  1. So can I trade all the hundreds of earwigs that invade our house every year for this beautiful one?

  2. @emily b

    Funny story – it took a LOT of digging around on the internet to find pictures of the underside of an earwig. All that time I wished I could just find a real one to use as a model, but they were nowhere to be seen. The day after I finished the felt earwig, I saw one walking around happily in the garden. THANKS A LOT, EARWIG.

  3. love your earwig. My sister and I have an ongoing joke about earwigs. I may have to get her one someday.

  4. My boyfriend ordered me this earwig as a Christmas gift (because I am terrified of earwigs) and presented it to me in a wicker basket. I am very impressed with the quality and detail, thank you for putting so much effort into it! It was a very memorable Christmas gift! I bet I'm the only girl whose boyfriend got her an earwig for Christmas!