Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More bats! Good heavens!

Here's two new designs that I finished this weekend – one regular bat that used to be a brooch, and one brooch that at least looks very very similar to the first bat I ever made. I used Sculpey for the brooch instead of Lumina, which allowed me to have much more detail AND fabric-less wings that I am actually really happy with! Hooray!

Honduran White Bat
with amazing embroidery action!
I'm told this is a "brown hoary bat" but it looks like a Mexican Freetail to me

What else is new? More bats. Lots of bats. I made a fruit bat, but the photos didn't come out so well, so I'll try again tomorrow morning and post them then. I'm also going to start work on one of these guys, apparently one of North America's rarest mammals:

Spotted Bat


  1. The 2nd bat IS a Mexican Freetail. I'm a rehabbers caring for 12 of them, right now. BTW, its just gorgeous. I love it!