Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More previews, on two different fronts

The alebrije is done! Huzzah! But tomorrow, if weather.com is not lying, will be a much better day to take pictures. So for now I'll just show you the most exciting part:

The teeth are made of these great irregular beads I found. I love the way they look.

While I wait for tomorrow's clouds, I've not been idle. I know I am way behind on the keas. I'm sorry! I've been dyeing wool all day trying to get accurate kea colors and kicking myself for not choosing a solid-colored animal instead. But I'll make it work somehow!

Dyeing notes. Note the stray alebrije sketch and the hoatzin/springhaas drawings showing through from previous pages.

Of these tests drying outside, I can really only use the fourth one for the kea, maybe some of the third. Not that the other two will go unused!


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