Friday, November 19, 2010

Bye, curious hyena!

And thus, the very last of the first generation of creturs is shipped off to live with her clanmate, the littlest hyena. Goodbye, last of the yeens! Someday Cretur Fetur may get repopulated by another clan of hyenas, perhaps as soon as the metric ton of bats and axolotls are dealt with.

The last hyena watercolor I'll be doing for quite a while
There are other things in the works, too! As I work on commissions, my unruly brain keeps getting distracted with ideas. All of these ideas lately have involved things you can wear. I need to focus on commissions for now, as that is the responsible thing to do, so I can't give you many details yet... but I will soon!

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  1. heeheehee - my boyfriend read the title as bi-curious hyenas! :P